Robowars Nationals 2018 – Call for Robots

Been a long time coming but we are officially ready to announce the Robowars Nationals for 2018. Still a few details to work out but I am happy to say the planning is well underway and this years event will be bigger than ever.

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Event Details

Date: 29th / 30th September
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Time: 10am – 5pm
Rules: SPARC Rules
Robots: 32 x 13.6kg Featherweight Robots

The Format

This year will be Featherweights only. We want the best, hardest hitting robots, most resilient robots in Australia to fight it out for the chance to be crowned the Australian Champion

The competition will be split into two sections. A group stage with 32 spaces and a final stage with 16 robots in single elimination.

The group stage will be a double elimination style tournament with four pools of eight. From each pool four robots will go through to the second round. Leaving 16 robots to fight it out in a single elimination finals tournament.

Example draw can be seen here:

The Schedule

The tournament will take place on the 29th and 30th of September. Saturday will be 10am – 5pm with 32 fights to determine the first 8 robots that make it through to the finals. This will leave 8 spots up for grabs from the losers side of the draw on Sunday morning. After deciding the final 16 the rest of Sunday will be the single elimination final. Finishing off the day by crowning our National Champion in Australia’s premier weight class.

Preliminary Event Schedule

The Location

The event will be held in the Brisbane area. We are still finialising the details of our venue with a few false starts being the source of our delayed announcement but with tickets going on sale in four weeks (3rd September 2018) we will have some preliminary details to entrants very soon. The venue will be smaller than our Vivid or ICRA events as we want to put more of a focus on the competition.

Terms & Conditions

This year we want to push a little further into making this a legitimate sport in Australia. We want to present Robowars to the public and help show the next generation or robot builders our take on the sport. This will mean that all competitors will be filmed, will be asked for interviews around the fights and sign standard release forms.

The Vision

There has been a lot going on building up to this years Nationals, there has been a buzz around robot combat and we at Robowars Australia have plans to grow further into the next year. In the coming months we hope to transform the footage from the event into a showcase of Australian Robot Combat consisting of 4 episodes to be release later on this year. This would make this Australia’s first ever Robot Combat series.

But this is just the start. Building on our success of our recent live event at ICRA 2018 we also plan to take the show on the road. The search and preliminary conversations have started for venues in Sydney around Jan/Feb 2019, Brisbane May/June 2019, Melbourne Aug/Sept 2019 and our 2019 National Competition in Oct/Nov later that year. We have a long way to go to make all these events a reality but with the growing number of builders, love we are getting from the fans and strong team we have built through recent events we think now is the time.

So get building, get your robots registered and get ready to battle.

Robowars Australia