Robowars Nationals 2019 – Call for Robots

Registration is open for the Robowars Nationals event!

Sign up now HERE.

As you will see the category is named “Applicants”. Every year our event fills up and this year we want to put a little bit more rigor around who gets those sought after 32 spots in the main competition.

Event Details

Date: 19th / 20th October
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Time: 9am – 5pm
Rules: SPARC Rules (note Tip Speed Limits!)
Robots: 32 x 13.6kg Featherweight Robots

The Competition

This year will be Featherweights only and this year we will be selecting robots for a 32 .

Applicants will be given a form to fill out and we will asses robots based on:

  • Design 
  • Novelty 
  • Past performance (both robot and team) 
  • Robot readiness

The main thing you can do to ensure you get a spot is have your robot ready asap. 

When will I know if I am accepted? We will be releasing the application form next week. Once we are satisfied with your robot you will be added to the accepted list.

If you miss out 🙁 (and some people will) we will still endeavour to get you two fights across the competition. This will likely be fights on the final day as competitors need time to repair their robots. 

Curating the Robowars Nationals was never part of the plan but we have constraints that limit the number of fights we can fit into the two days. I have considered reducing the competition to single elimination but I don’t like the idea of one unlucky loss and your out for so many people that make the big trip to be here.

Just seeing some of the applicants already tells me that this is going to be a fantastic competition and I think we are in for a real show this year.

Robowars Australia